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From Emily May
When we examine free expression on the internet, the core question is: freedom for who? Online harassment -- which is often referred to as trolling -- is designed to silence targets. As a result, targets (often women and minorities) are stepping back from online spaces, and in extreme cases leaving the internet. This is creating a significant gap in the representation of crucial voices online. How can we go back to the vision our founding internet fathers and mothers had in the 1990s? A place we can connect with people we would never otherwise meet, and feel solidarity with them? Where we can speak openly, honestly, and imperfectly -- be forgiven, and try again. I want to take those core values, and take what we have learned in the past 25 years, and reexamine what the internet can be, when everyone has a shot at being their best self. If left untouched, online harassment will kill the internet. We can't leave it to corporations to save us.
online harassment, inequality
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