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From Hannah Sassaman
When Chairman Wheeler threw down a gauntlet at DC coworking space 1776 - saying that most of America had duopoly or monopoly internet access - he tapped into the anger of millions who pay far too much for low quality access that they absolutely need to live their everyday lives. When President Obama previewed his State of the Union speech in Iowa last month - powerfully stating his support for undoing state bans on cities and municipalities that want to build their own local broadband access - he showed a powerful understanding that internet is a human right that will only be available to all if we break that monopoly. Philanthropic leaders should work to fund a network of local groups to challenge the telecom-pushed state bans on municipal broadband across the country - and partner with local foundations to vision how those networks could break the digital divide, drive prices down, and quality up nationwide.
local organizing, infrastructure, access to knowledge, 21st century philanthropy
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