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From Jeff Chester
What needs to be done to protect privacy & autonomy; safeguard against techniques used to influence us (marketers, political groups) & address how to protect environ. sustainability? One agenda is to foster public policies & business models that permit profit, not exploitation. For ex., addressing the rise of automated user profiling platforms capable of identifying & targeting a person in real-time—regardless of device. Developed by U.S. co.’s & now worldwide, it either involves individuals sold thru milliseconds auctions; identified as premium inventory for special buyers; or considered worthless (waste). Policymakers have largely ignored how this impacts privacy & dignity. There hasn’t been a debate on environ. consequences. Big Data pushing sales of cars, junk food, costly payday type loans, and an endless consumption cycle. The Net brings progress, opportunity & promise. It will not fulfill hopes for justice & prosperity unless its direction and governance are countered.
privacy, sustainability, surveillance
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