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From Evonne Heyning
Universal Access + Resource Mapping + Personalized Media/Experience Delivery can provide guidance from experts around the world to areas where schools, teachers and learning centers are difficult to reach. Who is leading an integrated effort to connect media, experiences, resources and access? At least 10% of the global population has not finished school....some are displaced or live in remote regions, others are slaves or trafficked away from home where opportunities may be hard to find. We rarely see the people hidden away making our products. Participatory media, games and play can bridge gaps once people are provided with a way in the door. Devices and universal access offer a starting place, with software and learning maps providing tools and navigation to follow new paths to progress. By visually mapping paths and delivering media, courses and experiential content in easier ways we can provide alternatives for skillbuilding, ongoing mastery and learning & development for all people.
knowledge sharing, access to knowledge, open government, open data, social movements, journalism, disaster relief, 21st century philanthropy, education, public interest technology
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