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From Bill Densmore
Trust, identity, privacy and information commerce were not on the agenda when academia and the defense industry created the Internet. A non-stock, public-benefit collaboration of news, academic, entertainment, financial and technology companies could specify protocols and enforceable business rules on data-sharing, user authentication and payment services. Members might include foundations, universities, banks, telecoms, publishers, tech and entertainment companies -- and the public. Such an effort could “help shape the development of technology infrastructure to benefit society as a whole” (Danah Boyd). It could “put together a strategy to hold power accountable in the Internet age.” (Rebecca MacKinnon) . It could provide checks and balances over “automated user profiling platforms capable of identifying and targeting a person in real time . . . . ” (Jeff Chester). It could reduce the “massive concentration of these platforms in a small number of companies.” (Ethan Zuckerman). To help shape the idea, see
trust, privacy, networks, infrastructure, public interest technology
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