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Though, internet said to be a great liberation technology, access to this liberation was restricted socially excluded communities. Social exclusion - a process by which certain groups are systematically disadvantaged because they are discriminated against on the basis of their social location such as caste. Though there are number of studies available on Dalit's (Dalits – officially known as ‘Scheduled Castes’ in India) access to education and health and so, details are not available about Dalit's access to internet. but it can be assume that it will not be better, in-terms of access to internet, about a population's literacy levels remains at less than 60% and school dropout rate among Dalit children aged between 6-15 is near to 70%. Unless special measures and concentrated effort based on equity and inclusion, about 260 million Dalits across South Asia remain excluded in the digital world.
inequality, exclusion, internet access
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