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From John Laprise
The SOPA/PIPA and Network Neutrality debates have clearly shown that the public is interested in Internet public policy. In both cases however, these efforts were not led organically by a grassroots organization but by industry and the mass media respectively. This needs to change. The NRA and the AARP are two highly successful organizations who represent the interests of 2nd amendment supporters and people over the age of 50. Internet users outnumber both of these groups. A hypothetical Association of Internet Users (AIU) could potentially be a ground up public policy voice on Internet issues. Unlike these organizations, the AIU would be built around mobile technologies and its positions would reflect the sense of the community. It would not be built around policy; it would advance members' policy positions. Internet policy decisions are increasing in frequency and it is time that Internet users made their own voice heard.
democratic participation, organizing, social movements
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