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From Anna S.
The Internet has literally connected the world, but has it connected people in it? Each man or woman is a unique personality, but behavior of people and their perception of the world are still predetermined by their upbringing and their culture. And it is easy for a man or a woman to communicate with people of their own culture, because good attitude to "my folks", and hostility to "their folks", to "other", were natural in the early stage of human development, and in some cases it is still here in many different forms. And even in the era of globalization there are not few people who prefer to communicate in their small community of any kind. How many people are lost for global activism and for global connection, because they fear the "other"? Now it is a challenge for the Internet to help cultural exchange between members of different communities and to teach them to trust each other. There must be more platforms for conversation, starting with those for children and teens.
trust, education, cultural exchange
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