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From Dave McClure
Smartphones provide an incredible platform for putting research into practice. However, most researchers still conclude their work with traditional static journal-style publications, which are: expensive to access, require significant expertise to understand, very difficult to accurately apply, and provide only a snapshot of their data’s value. By incorporating research on the best programs & practices into the design of mobile applications, we can remove many of the greatest barriers to putting research into practice. Imagine simply using an app, and knowing that you are applying the research. No need to study articles or attend trainings. All you need is an app update for the latest research. Making this vision a reality is the challenge. It will require: 1) a shift in the way we conceive and conduct research; 2) new skills to design and develop research-based mobile apps; and, 3) technical support and validation to ensure the applications continue to work and follow the research.
government, mobile, public interest technology, open data, skills
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