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From Evonne Heyning
Skillbuilding and hands-on learning opportunities are needed to scale any new innovation and keep it working smoothly. Who is leading an integrated effort to connect devices, hands-on media, appropriate experiences, resources and access to accelerate skillbuilding in remote regions? Expertise may be lost or disconnected until a field expert collects those resources and shares them: these resources are freely available throughout the web yet they are often delivered in the wrong form or media such as text in a foreign language or high-bandwidth streaming. By visually mapping paths to learn any skill and delivering media, courses and experiential content in easier ways we can provide alternates to school for ongoing mastery & development. Investing in an integrated approach to universal access, free skillbuilding tools and devices delivering personalized media can bridge a huge gap in development while growing new opportunities.
skills, 21st century philanthropy, public interest technology, open data, access to knowledge, civic engagement, education, community media, organizing
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