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From D.C. Vito
Our world is not only inundated by media but formed by it. People feel like they cannot get a break from all the messages coming at them, but what they often don't realize is that media shape our entire view of the world. They shape how we see ourselves, they shape how we see others. Every single person needs to learn how to access, evaluate, create and critique all forms of media. By gaining a critical awareness of media, misinformation like the current hysteria with vaccinations or around Ebola doesn’t have the lasting impact and endurance they currently have. By gaining an understanding of who owns media and how they frame the messages they deliver to us, we are not as susceptible and responsive to “click-baiting” and celebrity gossip. By becoming fluent in all media forms, we become more engaged in our world, our culture, our elections. By addressing our media consumption habits, we reduce the amount of coal-produced energy we use to keep our smartphones constantly charged.
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