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From Richard Lowenberg
Our greatest local-global ‘Grand Challenge’ is to develop ‘an ecological unified field theory’, to move our intents and actions towards a most important goal of our networked contemporary society: ‘demosophia’ (people wisdom). We cannot address the critical issues of changing climate, water, energy, food, health, economics or politics, without better understanding of our dynamically integrated matter-energy-information environment, and of our need to think differently, by taking “steps toward an ecology of mind”. While we understand a great deal about material ecosystems, we have barely applied understandings of ecology to information, and therefore to an integrated, whole-systems understanding of ecology. This will have evermore troubling consequences as local-global societies increasingly tune into, develop, monetize, manipulate and live in the information environment, realizing that informational processes determine the dynamic course of social evolution.
information ecology + economy
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