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From Chad Maxwell
No ones mentioned Energy! Without an integrated and systemic approach that converges energy, technology and connectivity together, we will not make the last mile of bridging the digital and energy divide. Thus, we need a new approach to deliver energy, connectivity and their associated benefits in an affordable fashion. We need to unlock the power of shared resources, and enable e-Everything! This is where start-up DABADDO, a step-change, for-profit, shared value company is trying to make an impact. Their Connectivity Centers support lights, computers and Internet equipment, recharging station for battery devices and lights, fans, projector, water purification, refrigerator, and general point of sale. Their footprint allows room for SME’s to construct locations within their facility to benefit from access to electricity and the Internet. This provides most of the electrical and internet items required to cover the basics at a village level, without yet directly creating a grid.
energy, technology, internet access, access to knowledge
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