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From Michelle Tackabery
Infrastructure for the public good is no longer a priority. Roads, bridges, energy pipelines, traffic and power grids, and other essential public resources are planned and built according to the needs of corporations. In the search for space to maximize profit, neighborhoods are neglected or completely razed. The results are crumbling highways, poisoned water, and power and sewer systems cobbled together from decades-old, environmentally dangerous systems. In the meantime, industry is planning connected cars and automated devices, furthering the gap between classes while the young cannot find sustainable wage jobs. Why not solve the problems of infrastructure and unemployment simultaneously? Large public works projects can re-enable or wholly create up to date, future-prepared, digitally connected systems on open standards while putting the growing population of millenials to work re-configuring the physical network . We cannot get to a better world if there are no roads to stand on.
digital jobs, public interest technology
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