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From J.M. Porup
Democracy exists when power is distributed. Military power. The American Revolution was made possible only by the cheap ubiquity of the personal firearm. When every citizen is well-armed, tyranny is checked. But on the Internet, power now concentrates in the hands of government and corporations. If democracy is to continue, that power must be re-distributed. Defensive solutions--encryption tools, anonymity tools--are not enough. If someone threatens you with a gun, the solution is not to buy a bulletproof vest, but to buy a gun yourself. Thus is power checked. The challenge: Build a distributed offensive cyberweapon easy enough for the average citizen to use. Give it to 100 million people. What technology dictates, the law transcribes. If you want to win the policy fight, you must win the technology fight first.
secure communications, public interest technology, democratic participation
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