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From Norbert Bollow
Crowd-sourcing logical thinking to solve complex global problems. The current global set of political systems has proved itself incapable of adequately addressing critically important and urgent global challenges, such as: 1) limiting greenhousse gas emissions, 2) effectively protecting the privacy of digital information and ending mass surveillance, 3) ending the trend of ever-increasing economic inequality where an ever-decreasing percentage of people control an ever-increasing percentage of the global wealth.

We need to re-invigorate democratic governance processes by making good and reliable logical thinking on these processes available to parliaments. I propose that this can be done by means of crowd-sourcing logical thinking to analyze the problems and solution proposals. This can be done by means of the logic tree methods which have emerged from Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints, which combine tools for logical analysis and discourse with a method for complexity management.
access to knowledge, democratic participation, environmentalism, inequality, organizing, privacy, public interest technology, social movements, surveillance
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