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From Gideon Lichfield
Connect journalism to activism. Journalism is great at getting people mad as hell. It's not so great at telling them how to act on it. Every day, countless moments of "I should do something" go to waste. What's missing is an easy way for journalists who write about issues that matter to people to end their stories with an "If you care, here's what you can do." Upset at farm labor practices you just read about? Here's which producers to boycott. Want to help campaign for clean energy? Here's who's looking for volunteers. Want to probe your elected representatives' finances? These are the online tools and how to use them. What creates the link between journalism and activism might be a network, a website, a widget, an API. Whatever it is, it would aim to bridge the gap that so many of our good intentions fall into.
journalism, civic engagement, democratic participation, accountability, news we can trust
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